Printer Is Not Printing

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Why Printer Is Not Printing?

Get tips here on how to handle the difficulty of a printer that gives different printouts other than the full sized ones.

Printer Is Not Printing
Printer Is Not Printing

The best option is to upgrade your current printer. This will give you the ability to print without any difficulty. but if still its not work for you there ae 2 reason for Printer Is Not Printing are give below…

Ink jet Cartridges

  • Earlier most of the printers used ink jet cartridges and so it took a long time to get the printer going. Many of the users were not able to get the printer going at al The reason behind the slow performance was because it did not contain enough ink to run effectively.
  • If more ink was available the printer would run much faster. If the printer did not possess sufficient ink the performance could be adversely affected.
  • In most of the cases the printer did not possess enough ink and so printing was very poor. The printer failed to deliver the perfect results and so many users were disappointed.
  • HP Laser Jet printer that was used for printing small documents has always been capable of printing the right type of images.

Lack of toner

  • The second reason why your printer is not printing is the lack of toner. The toner keeps providing the ink throughout the life of the printer.
  • If the ink dries up then you have to replace the toner cartridge. So the printer needs to be maintained well. If you do not maintain the printer properly then the printer might start showing early signs of failures.

Lack of transfer roller

Another reason why your printer is not delivering the best results is the lack of transfer roller. The rollers play a very important role of transferring the image in the paper from the cartridge to the paper. If these rollers are not functioning properly then it might reduce the quality of the printing. If the toner or the transfer roller is not functioning properly then you might not get the expected quality output from the printer. In case, if the printer uses the Fuser roller to feed the paper then it is very likely that the Fuser roller is not working properly.

Printer heads

Most of the recent printers use the Fuser mechanism to feed the paper. This mechanism is based on the technology of the solid ink cartridges.

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The Fuser mechanism can only work when the print heads are free and there is no obstruction in front of them. If there is any obstruction in front of the print heads then it will not be able to feed the image into the paper. Hence, the quality of the printing will be affected.

Why printer is not printing black and white pages?

The reason is simple. There might be several reasons for not printing black and white pages. But the most common reason is the clogging of the print heads. You should clean the print heads after every printing session in order to avoid the clogging of print heads.

It is important to check the print-head on your printer regularly. You should not allow the cartridges to dry up in between the printing. If the cartridges are not dried up then the quality of your image will be reduced. However, if you follow the maintenance procedures of your printer then you should be able to avoid this problem.

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If you have several print-heads then there are chances that the cartridges may become clogged. The first thing that you need to do is to remove the spool of each and every printer. The spools are located very close to the printer. They are very small and difficult to find in printer. You can find the spools by following the arrow in the print menu. When you remove the spool then you should remove the print head from your printer.

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