What is service host SysMain ? How to solve service host SysMain high cpu problem?

if you are looking for What is service host sysmain ? How to solve service host sysmain high cpu problem? then you are in right place. this is the most common reason when you upgrade your windows.

If your games are lagging, computer responding very slow, showing high disk / CPU usage then it might be because of the difficulty with the Sysmain or SuperFetch service. I noticed it when my laptop become unresponsive and after investigating I found that sysmain is taking over the high resources. Sometimes it resolved automatically but any point it again become unresponsive. So I researched and determine the facts about this service. See how you’ll disable this service or fix this issue.

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Screenshot of supfetch service consuming most disc space and high memory & CPU usage
This service can also create the 100% disk issue. So disabling or fixing the difficulty related the SuperFetch can also fix the 100% disk usage issue also . Before going further first lets realize the Sysmain service in Windows 10.

service host sysmain

What is service host sysmain?

SuperFetch or Sysmain may be a legitimate Windows 10 service. Though this service is to hurry up the apps but some times it start creating issues to some users like high CPU usage and high disk usage. In Windows XP it had been referred to as the Prefetch service and in Windows vista it had been renamed to SuperFetch. Actually both services are same. In Windows 10 After 1809 update it had been renamed to Sysmain but the thing is same.

How to Disable SysMain Service or Service Host SysMain?

Here is a Step by Step method to disable this service from the Windows 10…

Step 1: Click on the search in the left bottom hand corner of your screen and search for services.

Step 2: In the search Result click on services.

Step 3: find and select  SuperFetch in the service list and click on STOP in the left hand side top corner.

Step 4: Right click on SuperFetch open Properties and disable startup type.

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