How to remove chromium

if you are one of them who is looking for How to remove chromium on windows or looking for a free solution on how to remove chromium from mac then you are in the right place. 

Chromium may be a genuine browser that’s developed to supply a secure browsing experience to users. there’s not an enormous difference in Chrome and Chromium.

The Chromium browser Code file is open and anyone can manipulate it. While Chrome is meant to supply fewer features and hidden ASCII text files. the first chromium-browser is harmless and doesn’t affect users who install it.

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Some cybercriminal has changed the ASCII text file of Chromium browser to form an epidemic. it covers the web and therefore the user unknowingly installs it.

Once it gets into your computer it becomes impossible to get rid of, also it regenerates itself and eats your memory and processor. this is often the most reason to uninstall it because it makes your computer slow.

some common issues which you faced if you are also one of them who is using chromium on their pc or MAC computers.

  • Slow Down computer
  • Personal Information Theft
  • Open Malicious Pages
  • Change Your Default Search Engine

How to remove chromium windows

there are two ways to remove chromium in Windows 10 computer or other versions of Windows.

  1. Remove Chromium Manually ( Free Solution )
  2. Remove Chromium Through Software ( Paid Solution )

Remove Manually ( Free Solution )

if you want to chromium manually through the control panel you have to search for the control panel in the bottom left corner of windows 10 computer.

Now you are in the control panel so you need to click on programs and you see all program list in your screen.

you have to find chromium on the list and click on uninstall then follow on screen instructions.

after removing chromium from your computer, you need to remove left registry file from your computer.

To remove the left registry file on the computer which will slow down your PC install CCleaner on your computer. CCleaner is available free and paid version also. you can choose according yo your comfortness.

Remove Chromium Through Software ( Paid Solution )

if you want an easy way to remove all chromium or any other program which you have on your computer you can go for Best removal Tool at a very cheap cost for a lifetime.

Best Removal Tool can help you to completely uninstall chromium or other software that the standard Window Add/Remove Programs can’t uninstall.

How to use Best Removal Tool

  • STEP 1: Download & Install Removal Tool.
    NOTE: If the download link doesn’t work you may need to Download it Directly from a Mirror Here.
  • STEP 2: Click the “Best Removal Tool” Icon to run it.
  • STEP 3: Click the “Uninstall” Button and then Follow the Steps below to remove the program and associated files completely!
How to remove chromium
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how to remove chromium from mac

To remove browser from your MAC computer follow simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Right click on Chromium browser and Quit Chromium to abort all processes related to it or those active in the background.

Step 2: when you are on your desktop click “Go” and you see some dropdown Menu.

Step 3: In the drop down menu you need to click on “Applications” and you see installed program on your MAC pc.

how to remove chromium from mac

Step4 : Select Chromium and right click on it and click on move to Trash.

Step 5: Open your trash icon and make it empty.

Now you successfully removed your chromium browser.

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