how to print on an envelope with HP printer

If you are Looking for “how to print on an envelope with hp printer” then you are in right place. find out easy way to print and envelope. but before printing make sure your printer is connected to you windows computer on which printer driver is installed. if you dont have driver installed on you computer. yo can download hp drivers from their official websites.

how to print on an envelope with HP printer?

follow steps given below to print your envelope.

Load Envelope on HP Printer

to print envelope with HP Printer Load envelopes into the HP printer. How you load envelopes on your HP printer depends on what type of printer you have and where the paper tray is located in printer some printer have paper tray in the front and some have in the back.

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Print the envelopes

you can use windows App like Microsoft word prepare your envelope for print. find how you can use Microsoft word on windows computer below in details.

Print envelopes with Microsoft Word

Print a single envelope in Microsoft Word for Windows computer using the Mailings tools. Additionally, Microsoft Word includes templates for many envelope types and designs.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and click on Mailings option, then click Envelopes.
  2. In the Envelopes window, type the delivery and return addresses.
  3. Click Options to select the envelope size, and printer feed method, and then click OK.
how to print on an envelope with HP printer

4. print your envelope.

If After following steps given above you are not able to fix your issue “how to print on an envelope with HP printer” then you can chat with our experts to solve your issue.

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