How to get rid of a virus

if you are looking for how to get rid of a virus on MAC or Windows computer. then you are in right place.

A Computer virus is a kind of PC program that, when executed, reproduces itself by changing other PC programs and embeddings its own code. At the point when this replication succeeds, the influenced regions are then supposed to be “contaminated” with a PC infection.

How to get rid of a virus

How do Find a virus on a Windows Or Mac Computer?

when your computer is infected by a computer virus then it will give you lots of sighs through which you will understand like your computer has a virus. some of them are given below.

  • Slow Running Computer
  • Microsoft or Another big Company popup on your screen
  • Unknown program launching itself on your computer
  • unwanted sound on your computer
  • Your Files are missing

How to protect your Windows or Mac computer from viruses

  • Use good anti-virus software ( Norton, Malwarebyte )
  • Don’t install unknown software
  • Never click on any unknown Link over your email or Facebook
  • Do not open Attachment on your spam mail folder
  • Keep your windows or Mac computer up to date.
  • Never insert any type of unknown USB or Disk on your computer

How to get rid of a virus on your Windows or Mac Computer

to remove virus from your computer follow some simple steps through which you can remove virus easily.

Step 1: Download and install a virus scanner

To remove virus from your windows computer you need a good virus removal program. there are lots of free and premium anti virus available over the internet through which you can remove virus from your computer for example.

  • Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes is good known anti-malware removal program trusted by millions of customers all over the word you can download and install malware byte according to your operating system below
How to get rid of a virus
  • Norton Internet Security: You can also download Norton internet security for your computer. it is also one of the best antivirus available in the market. you can download free and paid versions both according to your comfortness.
How to get rid of a virus on a mac

Step 2: Turn on computer into safe mode (Windows)

you can turn on your computer into safe mode. to do this press (Windows +R ) windows key along with letter R to get Run box. now type in the run box click on boot and select safe mode with networking. to remove from safe mode do the same step again and uncheck the safe mode option then restart your computer.once your computer is in safe mode just optimize your computer.

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Step 3: Restart your computer

To install latest update for windows and configure that updates restart your computer.

Step 4: Change all your Personal passwords

you need to change your personal passwords like passwords for your Email, Facebook, banks and other importants password which you use.

How to get rid of a virus on a Mac

Many people have misconceptions regarding their mac computer like they are using MAC so they don’t have any virus issue, but its a wrong. they will also face the same issue and need to follow step no. 1 given above.

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