How to Activate Windows free 2021

If you are looking for “How to Activate Windows” or ” find my current product key” then you are in right place. find out how you can activate your windows computer easily.

How to Activate Windows
How to Activate Windows

Windows is a Microsoft product. you need to activate your windows to use it and get latest security updates from Microsoft

How to Activate Windows 10

To activate Windows computer , you need a product key or a digital license. When you’re ready to activate, Open Activation in Settings. Click Change product key to enter a Windows product key. If your Windows computer was previously activated on your device, your copy of Windows 10 should be activated automatically.

How to Activate Windows
How to Activate Windows

How to Activate Windows 10 with a product key

  1. For installation of Windows, enter your product licence key.
  2. Press Windows key on keyboard, go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation.
  3. Press the Change Product key on your screen.
  4. Enter your windows product key into pop-up box and press Next.
  5. Press Activate.

How to Activate Windows 10 with a digital licence

  1. While beginning activation, select I don’t have a product key’ from option.
  2. Setup and login into Windows 10 computer with your linked Microsoft account.
  3. The Windows 10 computer will be automatically activated . In case you had made hardware changes, then follow the next steps:
  4. Press the Windows key from keyboard, then go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation.
  5. If your Windows computer is not activated, search and press ‘Troubleshoot’.
  6. Now Select ‘Activate Windows’ in the new window and then Activate. Or, select ‘I changed hardware on this device recently’, if applicable.
  7. If you get sign in prompts on your screen, follow them using Microsoft account linked to your digital licence.
  8. Select the device which you’re using and check ‘This is the device I’m using right now’ next to it.
  9. Press Activate.
  10. Your windows digital licence should be there and your copy of Windows will be activated. 

How to Activate Windows without Product Key Free

today we are going to discuss How can we Activate Windows 10 without any product key for free:

1 – ISO file instead of an upgrade to Windows computer: You can get Windows 10 Professional using ISO files. If you have ever installed any versions of Windows before on your computer, we are sure you will have no difficulty upgrading to upgrade your Windows computer.

2 – method to Activate Windows 10: if you are using Windows 7, and it has activated, then you don’t need to activate Windows 10 computer. you can update your windows fro Microsoft free of cost.

3- Upgrading into Windows 10: iff you are using activated Windows 7 or 8 then your Windows 10 is fully activate then don’t need to buy Windows 10.

4- A unique method:

Well this is the simplest method to Upgrade to Windows 10.

Step- 1: First you need to open Settings in Windows 10 or go to Cortana and type search for setting.
Step- 2: OPEN the Settings from search result then Click on Update & Security.
Step- 3: On the right-side of Window screen, Click on Activation.
Step-4: Click on Go to Store and buy from the Microsoft Store.

5 – Activate using Windows loader: If You Are using Windows 7 Ultimate and Not Able to Activate It Using Ms-Toolkit of Anything Else You Can Try Activating Windows 7 computer with Windows Loader, to do This You just need to download and Run the Windows Loader Software from internet and Simply click Allow It to Activate Your Windows computer, this will work same as Ms Toolkit. work.

6 – Activate Using Microsoft Toolkit: We recommend this method until unless if you have a Windows 7 computer, because using Microsoft Toolkit Software will activate and Install Product Key of Any Windows Version except Windows 7 Ultimate, You Can Also Activate or Install a Product Key of Any Microsoft Office software.

How to find my current product key

  1. Press Windows key + X from keyboard.
  2. open Command Prompt (Admin)
  3. At the command prompt, type:wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey This will show your product key.

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