Apple Pencil 2 Not Working ?

if you are Looking for Apple Pencil 2 Not Working in your iPad then you are in right place find out the reason for your issue.

Apple Pencil 2 Not Working
Apple Pencil 2 Not Working

Why Apple Pencil 2 Not Working ?

There may be a host of reasons behind the fact that apple pencil is not functioning properly on iPad as intended. At times, find the situation that apple pencil not properly charging. In such situation; one has to return the device to the store and get it exchanged. If this is the case, you need to know what are the things that you have to carry out in order to get your device repaired by the apple.

How to Fix Apple Pencil 2 Not Working ?

To understand reason and solution for you apple pencil 2 not working are given below.

  • The first step in this regard is to understand that you are going to have to turn over the iPad in a totally safe manner. After you have turned over the tablet to a certified professional, they will check for any damage or defect that might have occurred during the process of charging the apple pencil. The examination usually lasts for about thirty minutes to one hour. Once the examination is over; you can get a repair kit and follow the guidelines for charging the device. In other cases, where the iPad is not functioning properly, you will have to wait for few more days before you can get it repaired by the authorised service center.
  • Secondly, the bluetooth icon on your system tray must remain enabled. You can simply click on this icon to turn on the Bluetooth function in your iPad pro. You can then connect the apple pencil to the Bluetooth enabled device. If this does not work; you will have to search for the icon again.
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  • In most of the situations, the wiring between the iPad and the pencil won’t work properly is the reason behind Apple Pencil 2 Not Working. In this situation; you will have to get your gadget repaired by the authorised service center. They will try to fix the wiring either manually or with the help of a few specialised tools. They will give you a warranty for a specific time period if the pen isn’t working properly.
  • Fourthly, the battery life of your iPad won’t last long. However, an additional charges will be provided if you purchase the Bluetooth 2021. This additional charge can extend your battery life up to three days. However, this additional charge can be costly. You will have to pay about twenty dollars for the new battery and the iPad Pro – including tax.

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  • The charging port of your iPad won’t allow you to pair the pencil with the iPad. The reason behind this is that there is a compatibility issue. However, this problem can be fixed by checking out the official apple store website. You can check out the technical specification for the iPad and the pencil. In this case; you will need to pay some money in exchange for getting the correct pair of pen.
  • the estimated reading time of the pencil and the iPad Pro is the same. Although the pen might not be functioning properly, you will still be able to see the estimated reading time. You should also remember that you can use the tap method as an alternative. This means that you can use the double tap on the pencil and the iPad will start working normally.

You should never believe what other people say when it comes to the functionality of your iPad. There are plenty of reports about other products. Always make sure that the Bluetooth device you have will work with the computer that you are using to take the pictures. If the pencil works fine with your computer but not with your iPod, then that is the time to buy a replacement. If you need to get the Bluetooth iPad Pro, then you should consider purchasing it from the apple store itself. They are the experts and you will get the best deal.

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